Remington 870 Stocks

Remington 870 Stocks Find the your new Remington 870 Stock from our in-stock inventory. We carry Remington 870 pistol grip stocks, collapsible/folding stocks, tactical stocks, wood stocks and more!

Changing the stock on your Remington 870 shotgun is an easy way to make it a more versatile and effective firearm. You can easily change the look of your Remington 870 with a new tactical stock, giving it more of a police or military look. As well as the new look, you have enhanced functionality by way of having more options. Tactical stocks can be much smaller in comparison to a standard stock, allowing you greater mobility and maneuverability in urban or enclosed situations.

New looks can also be important if you need your Remington 870 to not stand out. You can make your 870 adapt and blend into the duckblind with a new camo stock, or a sand-colored stock would enable your 870 to be more hidden in a Midwest or desert-like environment. We carry new stocks to fit any application or need you may have.

We offer stocks for both right and left handed shooters. Experience improved comfort whether you're shooting skeet at the range or bringing down some unlucky birds. Although we can't guarantee this, we're confident you'll have better aim when you're more comfortably shooting! Hunters will find stocks ideal for their needs whether they're going after deer, turkey, or other type of game. Maneuverability and precision range are greatly improved with a better shotgun stock for your Remington 870. Get a pistol grip stock and enjoy the ergonomic comfort and improved weight distribution. You will also love how effectively these stocks reduce recoil. Your accuracy will go improve dramatically and your follow up shots will be so much quicker. Plus many stocks are designed to be so lightweight that you'll hardly know you're carrying them.