Remington 870 Butt Plates

Remington 870 Butt Plates Purchase inexpensive Remington 870 butt plates and recoil pads. Shop here for those hard to find replacement parts for your Remington 870.

Shop for recoil pads you'll actually use, don't settle for cheap knockoffs that will only end up gathering dust in the basement when you realize they don't work. Adding the right butt plate or recoil pad to your shotgun can be one of the simplest and most functional ways to improve the performance of your shotgun. You will be astounded by the positive changes it makes to your shooting abilities.

Attaching a recoil pad on your Remington 870 will improve overall balance and fit of your firearm. You will find it is easier to hold the shotgun steady and your aim will be truer. Without the right pad you may suffer serious injury over time from the stock repeatedly hitting your face. Those constant recoil strikes can do serious damage to your jaw and cheeks. With a good pad though, much of that face slap will be reduced. Your grip on the Remington 870 will be greatly improved as well and you may find the stock fit's your shoulder better than ever.

A more properly weighted gun is both easier to aim and easier to control especially over the course of long shooting sessions. This reduces wear and tear on your arm and saves your face. It also ensures you'll hit the target more of the time.